1. Why is building better than buying an existing home?

There are two distinctive reasons for building new as opposed to buying an existing home. First you are building exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it and where you want it. Subsequently, the financial value added to your home tremendously increases. You are building rooms that will be used and will repurpose and change as your needs change. You are choosing products that will be a part of your home without needing to be frequently replaced. Simply put, you are paying only for the things you will use and enjoy.

Secondly, most buyers of existing homes end up doing some remodeling to get close to what they want. It is a process that could take many months and you could still not end up with your potential desired outcome. In addition, most people don’t take into account that there are life expectancies, in a pre-existing home, of major components in the home such as mechanical systems, which usually have a shelf life of 10-12 years, along with the pool, pumps, roof, appliances, etc. We have completed many remodels and we find that people are surprised on how much money goes into the process and many times some unexpected expenses. However for some for some, remodeling makes sense due to school districting or love the current location, but have either outgrown their current house or just need updating.

2. Why choose Capstone Building Group?

Comparing Capstone with other builders is the equivalent of comparing apples to oranges. We are simply a different kind of builder. We work within all ranges of budgets and work to build in quality craftsmanship, uniqueness in design, meet the needs and exceed the desires of our clients while respecting their budget. The many reasons can be seen in our testimonial section. We build relationships, have thoughtful solutions, offer seamless processes, have reasonable pricing, encompass integrity and move through the project in a timely manner. We will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, and our clients have thanked us repeatedly for our honesty. Our clients finish their house with the confidence that Capstone was the best choice.

3. Is any job too big or too small for Capstone?

No. We simply like to work with good clients, and help them achieve their goals. We don’t advertise, so all of our business is by referrals and word-of-mouth. We are a focused core group of individuals so that we can control the quality of the home building process with a very ‘hands on’ approach. The bulk of our business is new home construction in the $700,000 to $4,000,000 range. We have completed remodels from $10,000 to $600,000. Again, it’s more about working with good people.

4. What is the price per square foot to build?

We pride ourselves in working with the clients overall budget without compromising on quality and detail. With that said, it is relative to two major factors: Overall efficiency of the designed plan and the specifications upon which the client selects as finished products for their new home. Site conditions can play a factor in the cost, such as driveway length, tree removal, the need for dirt to be hauled in or out, retaining walls, and on rare occasions large boulder removal. We’ll formulate a strategy that is precise and appropriate for that client and then execute it well to maintain budget.

5. Does Capstone engage in remodels and/or additions?

Yes. We have a remodeling division and are happy to help anyone with an addition or remodel.

6. What style home do you build?

We have built the following and are always looking for more:

  • Craftsman
  • Farmhouse
  • Federal
  • Colonial
  • French Country
  • European
  • Cape Cod
  • Southern

We invite you to explore our Gallery pages for pictures of some of our recent projects.

7. How long will it take to build?

That depends on the size, scope and specifications required, and also on the client’s ability to make timely decisions. Typically it’s about a year after the permitting process, land planning and development. In most municipalities, the permitting process is two to four weeks. One thing we try to do is give people an honest assessment of how long the process will take. One of the ugly tricks in the trade is that unscrupulous builders will tell clients what they want to hear, instead of the facts. Many may state they can build your house in 6-9 months, however that is probably not practical without sacrificing quality.

8. How do I find land?

Although we are not licensed real estate brokers, we often know of land for sale that is not available on the open market, in addition to working with a few qualified real estate companies. This is a service that we provide. We in no way profit from any land purchases. We will also facilitate any needed due diligence such as soils testing, percolation, site planning and environmental studies.

9. How do I obtain a construction loan and do you know a good lender?

Some banks are more builder/client friendly than others and understand the building process better. We have a few we can recommend on a local, regional and national level. We do not make any financial gain by making recommendations. We have already gone through the vetting process with several banks and are deemed a financially strong builder without any delinquencies, debt, or foreclosures, which enables an easier lending process for the client.

10. What is the building process?

We have a process in which we know the appropriate time to schedule selections and installations. We have a design consultant, in addition to having relationships with designers and decorators in our area as well as the region. Our in house designer can help the client with selections, or the client can use their own decorator. If the client would like to hire a decorator, but needs help in finding the right match, we are happy to help make those connections. In our experience, we have found that if the client has someone to assist them, it makes the process run smoother and is much more enjoyable. Often decisions are made on a more timely basis and in the end will help pay for itself.

Some clients already have land on which to build, some are still looking for land of which we can offer assistance. We are extremely familiar with property in the area and have relationships with realtors and others in the business. When a piece is found there are certain soils tests and percolation tests that need to be performed to ensure the land can hold a structure. We also aid in plan development, working with the client and architect on order to have a set of construction drawings completed which are needed for pricing and permitting applications required by the municipality. Beyond that, we have a process in which we take the client through to help make selections, adhere to the building schedule, and the billing schedule.

We have developed a selection process which ensures timely construction. For instance, did you know that plumbing is one of the first features you need to choose? That, along with other choices that require materials to be placed inside the walls must be chosen first. For that reason we will walk you through the process, so that appointments are made with the proper vendors, that selections fit the integrity of the house and stay within your budget. Steve, your project manager, or a qualified representative of Capstone, will accompany you on appointments.

11. How do you handle changes or change orders?

Most builders charge a 35-50% change order fee for making a change. With Capstone, we believe change is a constant when it comes to building a true custom home and is welcomed. We don't charge a fee unless there is a change of scope, such as adding a garage, etc. You just pay the additional costs of the change.

12. How does Capstone obtain its customers?

Our customers come mostly by referral from existing clients, architects and other professional in the field. We have a solid reputation for top quality, detail, honesty, extensive knowledge in the business and for doing the right thing. Our business is mostly word of mouth, however some clients see our signage on existing home construction sites and contact us that way as well.