Our Expertise

"Quality is doing what's right when no one is looking."

Henry Ford

If you ask Steve Laboda, owner of Capstone Building Group, what makes him an expert in his field, he says, "This is what I have been doing for the last 25 years, it's through years of experience. Every year there's something new to be learned; things are always changing, evolving, moving forward. I want to be the builder that keeps up with that dynamic. I want to be the best at what I do."

Through that experience Steve is also extraodinarily proficient in setting a house on a piece of property in which the home and its environment work together. There are not many that have that vision. In fact, he is often sought after for consultation in the industry, as shown by being the builder of the Roswell Womens Club Show Homes in both 2009 and 2012. His knowledge is priceless when it comes to the foundation of your home, the 'sticks and bricks' (as they say in the industry), design, layout and making good use of a space. For instance, if during the process something in the drawing doesn't translate well, Steve's creativity can turn an unwanted element into a desired feature. It happens all of the time. This is where his flexibility comes in. Steve understands that the only constant is change. He wants to understand what the client wants and why. That understanding leads to the best alternative, if needed, to meet the customer's desires.

Our Beliefs

"We are looking for good people for which to build, not a particular price point."

Steve Laboda

We believe in honesty, integrity and doing your best, period. Steve builds homes that stand for these characteristics; homes that are sought after and impactful. Clients deserve to have quality data in order to make good decisions, communicate effectively and implement a process in which, together, we can fulfill their desire to build their dream home. Steve has spent years building the relationships and has a solid subcontractor foundation that operates honestly, responsibly, and execute to Steve's high standards. Your home is a high-dollar investment, and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Our Vision

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get"

Warren Buffett

Steve wants to change your perspective on homebuilding. Many people think it's problematic, stressful and couldn't possibly be fun. With Capstone, it's an enjoyable and educational process. You will become educated on the high value of building a custom home vs. buying a home and the right way to build. Your relationship with Capstone builds with your house. We will create ideas and our enthusiasm will become contagious. We invest in the outcome of our project and in you, our client. After all this is how we have become successful; building an excellent product, building honest relationships, and building a solid reputation through the word of mouth.

Our Details

"At Capstone, you'll find it's where the details make the difference"

Steve Laboda

Steve values what you see, and what you don't see. He has exceptional quality control checks that many clients say they have never seen before. He is very meticulous on a strong foundation, institutes a three to four day framing and mechanical inspection to ensure everything is plumb, true square and floors and ceilings are level, beyond what is required by code. Capstone prefers a Level 5 drywall finish. When it comes to trim, Capstone really shines as it pertains to the craftsmanship, no matter how many pieces are involved. Steve is very particular on the architectural details of the home and always looking at proportion and scale. He also stresses the importance that "the sum of the parts equal to the whole." For instance, you don't want the foyer to look as if it belongs in a $500,000 house, when you are building a million dollar home. Looking forward, Steve likes to help you create a mental picture of how your new home will look and how it will be used 5-7 years from now. This translates to how the landscape will look, how the space will be used, what maintenance will be required and how your family dynamic will change.

Our Process

"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite; it's starting point."

Henry Mintzberg

Our strategic solutions and creative expertise is never about our business needs, it's about meeting and exceeding your expectations to meet your desires. Formulating a process that is precise, timely, appropriate for your needs, enjoyable and executing it well, is of the utmost importance. Capstone takes you from start to finish. Part of the process includes seeking the right piece of land, helping with the architectural plans, implementing the permitting stage and taking the client through the steps to pick out features in their home. Having a clear understanding of what the client wants is also paramount. Every situation and every client is extraordinarily different. It's not until you listen to the client do you obtain that understanding. Every approach is different. Capstone is very fiscally responsible, and good stewards of client's money in the process.